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Shenyang Yuanda Intellectual Industry Group Co., Ltd amazing appearance 2016 India International Elevator Exhibition
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The three-day international elevator exhibition in Mumbai, India, March 19, 2016 ended, Shenyang Yuanda Intellectual Industry Group Co., Ltd. Brillant Elevator India Co Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as: Yuanda Intellectual) with the Indian joint venture partner "STONE INDIA" (hereinafter referred to as: STONE Company ) jointly exhibitors throughout the exhibition period to get the attention of the Indian media and industry partners.

In recent years in the context of India's own great efforts to develop infrastructure projects, both on December 15, 2015 signed the "Joint Venture Agreement"; Yuanda Intellectual with leading R & D and manufacturing capabilities, range of products, covering more than 130 countries worldwide and regional marketing service network, excellent corporate culture and management philosophy and has a 60 year history, the Indian railways and rail STONE always leading companies to achieve both powerful combination and complementary resources, will enable more users enjoy the Chinese national brands of elevator technology and services.

By mutually agreed location in Calcutta, India as a joint plant project site, plan to 2017 to reach an annual output of 2,500 elevators production target, achieved sales of 73.5 million yuan. As of February 2016 the joint venture company has bid more than the Indian railway and subway projects, the project has been the intention of opening the contract amounted to 60 million yuan; I believe in the near future, relying on ambitious smart plant in India, in the new technology, low cost, high base quality, excellent service on will be fruitful in the Indian elevator market.

The " Yuanda Intellectual" to lead the national brand to enter the Indian market and establishing a joint venture to set up logistics facility is to implement the Broad Group brand output, technical output, output management practice, labor-intensive industries and domestic overcapacity achieve off shoring core technology breakthroughs added revenue-generating business model, is highly ambitious and intelligent leadership of the new group of new progress "three-self strategy" in accordance with the new stage in the ambitious.

Yuanda Intellectual aims to set up joint venture companies and factories to expand marketing channels to promote brand awareness, expand market share, driven by plant capacity increase, and gradually reduce the costs, to extend the operating profit target chain; recently completed local manufacturing, local sales, mid undertake installation, maintenance profitable, long-term radiation areas, supporting strategic planning market; at the same time provide a positive reference and reference significance for other domestic enterprises to go abroad.

Yuanda Intellectual will continue to uphold the lofty strategic approach going to continue in the rational distribution of global hot spots, and gradually form to point coverage area mode, so ambitious in the world more intelligent flag fluttering in the wind area.