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Yuanda Group and LiaoNing Province Government "the Silk Road & Economic Belt" IRAN Bilateral Trade Cooperation
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18TH May. 2016, Iran's deputy governor of Harmattan province and Lorestan province,5 Iranian military generals and representative from Iran subway ,construction industry and the China's ambassador to Iran , Liaoning provincial leader Chen Qiufa and Yuanda Group’s deputy in Iran , a total of more than 50 people attended this meeting.

During the meeting, Governor Chen give full affirmation about the economic and trade cooperation between Liaoning province and Iran, both side discuss thoroughly to carried on the further expand the future cooperation on the key areas and key projects, two sides put forward to plans and prospects on how to participate in international competition and cooperation on a higher starting point for the future.

The governor, "Chen Qiufa give broad and highly appraisal on Yuanda,  even the general secretary of Shenyang government Mr. Guan give high praise on Yuanda , who can organize such big scale of the activities and meeting, praise Yuanda have strength,  perfect organization, careful on each details, attendees' quantity large , Doing things seriously and practical .