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The traction machine adopts worm gear reduction drive. The worm is made of tin bronze material, thus the drive owning the good characteristics of stability and low noise; the running track system adopts high rigidity section steel with high dimensional precision and good wear-resisting property; Automatic display device for running status and faults could ensure a more convenient and faster maintenance; "slim" type narrow handrail is easier to be hold by passengers, making the riding more comfortable and safe.
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Passenger conveyor is mainly applied in supermarket, subway, airport and other public places.

BLT-CS series of passenger conveyor is designed and manufactured according to the EN115 "SAFETY RULES FOR THE CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION OF ESCALATORS AND PASSENGER CONVEYORS" (be in accordance with GB16899-2001) released by European Committee for Standardization.

BLT-CS series of passenger conveyor is divided into CSP-MD and CSP-MD1. CSP-MD series of passenger conveyor occupies a small space of shaft and the angle range of inclination is large (0~6°/10°/11°/12°), being able to meet various demands from customers. It adopts stainless pallets, owning a compact structure and being sturdy and durable; the anti-skid slot design on the surface of pallets makes customer feel safe and comfortable; various colors and neat styles of handrail make the surroundings more harmonious and elegant.

CSP-MD1 series of passenger conveyor is manufactured with fine-pitch aluminum alloy pallets. The direction of clearance between skirting and pallets is changed from left-right direction to up-down direction, that is, the pallets stretches into the bottom of skirting, which largely reduced the probability that the passengers' skirts and pants are clipped by the skirting clearance. The running track trend adopts double circular-arc structure, which enlarged the horizontal distance at the upper and lower access, being convenient and safe for customers.

1. Advanced processing and technical equipment is the effective safeguard for providing high-quality products.
2. High-quality steel rectangular pipe is adopted to manufacture truss with high loading capacity, which fully guarantees the running stability of the complete machine and extends the product service life.
3. The design of stainless steel pallet owns a compact structure, making full use of the construction space, which is of strong durability and artistic beauty; the anti-skid design on the surface of pallets makes customer feel safe and comfortable
4. Faults happened during operation could be automatically shown through the display window, making the operation and maintenance more simple and convenient.
5. Various colors and neat styles of handrail make the surroundings more harmonious and elegant.

Development of BLT
The ten years' development of BLT Company is the struggle history of "to do things honestly, to treat people sincerely" for BLT staffs. It's also the development history of "Build the world first-class factory, create international famous brand products" of BLT company.
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