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High-quality steel rectangular pipe is adopted to manufacture the truss of escalator with higher rigidity than conventional steel angle truss and better loading capacity, making the running of escalator more stable and better adapting the actual conditions of China that the passenger flow volume is large; the running track system adopts high-intensity cold-drawn flat steel and high rigidity section steel with high dimensional precision and good wear-resisting property; automatic lubricating device largely reduces the maintenance work; the equipment is real-time monitored through multiple safety protection devices, which guarantees the safety of equipment and personnel to the maximum.
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With good performance and stable operation, BLT escalator and passenger conveyor are welcomed and used by big shopping mall and supermarket. Now the technology could cover all categories of products with travel height less than 21m. It is the symbolic products self-developed by national lift industry.

Advanced processing and technical methods are adopted, making a smooth and quiet running and stable performance; it is designed and manufactured according to the EN115 "SAFETY RULES FOR THE CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION OF ESCALATORS AND PASSENGER CONVEYORS" (be in accordance with GB16899-2001) released by European Committee for Standardization. The equipment is real-time monitored through multiple safety protection devices, which completely guarantees the safe and reliable operation of equipment. The ingenious application of man-machine engineering design idea makes the usage and maintenance of products more convenient and rapid, and be welcomed by big shopping mall and supermarket.

ESP-P series of escalator is designed for places with extensive functions. The good performance can both meet the demand of delicate business buildings and places with ordinary equipments.

ESP-M series of escalator is specially designed for magnificently decorated buildings such as department stores, office buildings etc.. Narrow handrail can be easily held by passengers, which improves the comfortable sense of passengers. Its compact style is harmonious with surroundings, adding stronger modern ideas.

ESP-G series of escalator is public transport escalator specially designed for subway, stations and arcades. It has the continuous running ability with long time and heavy passengers flow. It can work reliably under atrocious environment if equipped with stainless steel balustrade.

Different series of escalators own multiple optional functions that can meet various requirements of customers.

With complete specifications, graceful styles, flexible layouts and ergonomics designing ideas, the running and maintenance of products become more convenient and fast. High-quality new materials and advanced processing method and equipments fully ensure the products to be safe, solid, durable and stable.

Development of BLT
The ten years' development of BLT Company is the struggle history of "to do things honestly, to treat people sincerely" for BLT staffs. It's also the development history of "Build the world first-class factory, create international famous brand products" of BLT company.
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