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The BLT-QS passenger elevator adopts gearless permanent magnet synchronous traction machine with neat and compact decoration. The machine room area is largely reduced compared with conventional machine room. It is the new type energy-saving and environmental friendly product designed mainly for high-rank apartment, office building and other places. Traction and energy conservation system is upgraded again—energy feedback system: It is energy conservation and environmental friendly; extending the service life of components; saving input on machine room heat-dissipation devices. Through high-performance EMI filter, the interference caused by renewable energy on other devices in the electric net is avoided.
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BLT-QS passenger elevator control system is a special intelligent serial communication control system with advanced technology, designed in Germany, developed and manufactured by BLT in China. The system applies industrial field bus technology into the elevator design, providing safe, accurate, and quick performance. Every action of the elevator is under strict control by microcomputer processor. Powerful self-diagnostic function and watchdog system guarantee high efficiency and reliability. Sound interface makes commissioning and modification more convenient, which fully meets the changing requirements of building and passengers.

Mature vector FM&PM inverter technology is adopted for controlling. It perfectly applies the optimum speed changing curve outputted by control system after precise calculation to the running of elevator, eliminating the discomfort during riding, and the speed change happens unwittingly during elevator's starting-up, running and stopping.

•Sophisticated field bus technology improves the anti-interference performance of communication and guarantees the reliable operation of the complete machine;
•SMT technology reduces the system dimension, improves the anti-interference performance and increases reliability;
•Advanced variable-frequency door operator makes the opening and closing of landing door fast and gentle;
•Contact self-cleaning contactor produced by famous contactor manufacturer largely improves the working reliability and extend the service life of contactor;
•Careful machine room testing methods are both better for installation and safer.

QS series of elevator adopts advanced worm gear traction machine (YJ160, YJ240). High quality, advanced design idea, high-quality processing, elaborate assembly, and pre-modification on gear with hi-tech computer modification technology, all these have largely improved the loading capacity of traction machine, making the running of elevator more stable and comfortable.

Development of BLT
The ten years' development of BLT Company is the struggle history of "to do things honestly, to treat people sincerely" for BLT staffs. It's also the development history of "Build the world first-class factory, create international famous brand products" of BLT company.
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