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Panoramic elevator is the moving artwork of the building with precise and appropriate interior structure and passionate appearance. It can not only enable passengers to enjoy the scenery during the running of elevator, but also combine the decoration style and building style together, endowing the building with personality and energy. It is applicable in various occasions that presenting the construction style and scenery. Humanized design has been fully considered with obviously marked and legible operation button. The installing height is in accordance with human engineering, which is convenient and reliable for operation.
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"High efficient, energy saving, accurate, safe, and stable", BLT elevator perfectly matches with large symbolic building design and function requirement, completely presenting the infinite charm of modern city.

BLT-VS series panoramic elevator owns exquisite shapes. With various car designs like semi-circle type, hexagon type, three-side type, planar type etc, the elevator could meet requirements of different buildings, endow the buildings with personality and vitality and extend the visual space of elevators. Embedded connection is adopted at the joint of car glass and car wall, which guarantees safety and reliability, and at the same time, combines car glass and car wall harmoniously. In the design of upper and lower shrouding, advantages of our company's processing equipment are given full play, making every roll bending and bending precise and accurate.

Development of BLT
The ten years' development of BLT Company is the struggle history of "to do things honestly, to treat people sincerely" for BLT staffs. It's also the development history of "Build the world first-class factory, create international famous brand products" of BLT company.
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