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The company owns modern R&D center. The 177 meters high elevator test tower in the center of the factory is currently the highest one in China, with 11 test shafts, and a 10m/s high speed elevator technological test being feasible. The completed test and inspection center owns 12 libraries, one trial factory, and is equipped with 77 sets of advanced test/inspection devices. Besides, all the kinds of performance tests of complete elevators and components can be carried out in the center, which provides advanced, scientific and powerful guarantee for the research, development and stabilization of products.
Achievements in Technology and R&D:

Our company's self-developed products, including machine room built-in elevator, small machine room elevator, GPM series Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction, MPK control system, QS series passenger elevator and integrated frequency conversion controller for escalator are the main products of elevator industry. These products bring us both great economic and social benefits.

Control System for elevator:

BLT gradually grasp the core technology of control system by introducing technologies from Germany, assembling the prototype, and converting into drawings. By means of "introduce-absorb-improve", the control system has become a part of BLT's unique technology.

Inverter System for elevator:

BLT introduced the advanced technology from Sweden, and enhance the comfort of a running lift by fusing the elevator running curve into the CPU of the inverter.BLT has already grasped the core technology of the main circuit and controlling circuit of the inverter.

Shenyang Metro Line 1 project:

Shenyang Brilliant Elevator Co.,Ltd undertakes the construction of Shenyang Metro Line 1 project. Then travelling height of the escalator is 18.5m, which becomes the highest of China's national elevator brand.

Development of BLT
The ten years' development of BLT Company is the struggle history of "to do things honestly, to treat people sincerely" for BLT staffs. It's also the development history of "Build the world first-class factory, create international famous brand products" of BLT company.
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